Chris Mock


I’m glad you made it here. Take a deep dive with my into my world.
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Music & Photography

As sound engineer and tour manager, I provide the following services:

Live Sound & Tour Management

  • Live Sound Design (FOH Mixing)
  • Pre-Production + Tour Management
  • Live Recording
    Mixing, Mastering @ Illegale Farben Studio

Live Sound & Tour Management

Agent Fresco || Anti Flag || Aydo Abay || The Baboon Show || Broilers || Corroded || Cro-Mags || The Durango Riot || Funny van Dannen || Genepool || Goldman || Helmet || Ignite || Judge || Jupiter Jones || Kmpfsprt|| Kopek || Le Clou || Leaves‘ Eyes || Life of Agony || Like a Motorcycle || Marathonmann || Mina Caputo || Pascow || Pennywise || Pictures || Quicksand || Radio Havanna ||The Stanfields || Stefan Knittler || Stefan Krachten || Texas is the Reason || The Town Heros || Turnstile || Walk off the Earth || Zodiac || ZSK ||

More service

More services like
Rental Gear, Transport, Merchandise, more Crew Members
can be provided through my personal network.

Recording, Mix & Mastering

Bad Bone Beast || Hinüber || Illegale Farben || Knigge & Krust || Pascow || Paul Weber || PICARD3000 || Steuerberaterkammer Rheinland-Pfalz || This Array || Tobey Trueblood || Tulips

About Me

My name is Chris Mock, I’m a audio engineer, tour manager, artist and entrepreneur. I’m based in Cologne, Germany.

In 2005, while graduating as Bachelor of Recording Arts I started to find my way into the live music business by working at several concert venues. Eventually I got my first job on a tour and was hooked by the touring business ever since.

Today I mainly focus on FOH Engineering and Tour Management for various international artists and bands.
My greatest interest is to create an aesthetic sound for my customers. A sound that highlights their individuality and leaves a lasting impression.

Besides that I’m a musicianphotographer and since 2020 producer of cough drops named CARUSO.


Illegale Farben Studio

In 2019, my colleague Thilo Schenk and I starte to build our own studio in Cologne.
Together we produce our own music and work for customers.
We offer everything from recording to mixing and mastering and enjoy to use the studio
as a creative playground for all kinds of music and art projects.

Founded in 2014, Illegale Farben became my main music project.
In 2021 we released our third album which is accompanied by a 30 minute long movie. 
The sound of Illegale Farben is located somewhere between Indie-Pop, Post Punk and Neue Deutsche Welle. 

PICARD3000 makes it its task to adopt a clear stance and to present it with the greatest possible intensity
in order to rekindle a spark in the overcrowded and dulled brains of our society.
The content-related impetus is intended to provide the audience with a springboard for inspiration
in order to find a questioning path themselves.

Cough drops? When in 2020 the music industry was put into a coma,
I partnered up with my uncle and overtook the brand CARUSO.
They are loved by singers and other people who rely on their voice.

Caruso Hustenbonbons